Posted on Nov 12, 2019 |

Higonododo is an experiment. I wanted to find out if an anticlastic formed handle would be feasible. On my sketches it looked like fun. I had to make it to find out how much fun.
the handle is coldforged freehand in an anticlastic form. I kept the shape chubby, curvy and bulky for enhanced comfort for the user. I couldn´t resist forging a scroll to the blade tail, so a ring could be inserted. The blade is sanmai damascus with an edge going down to zero.
the edge/core of the blade is 1.2008 german file steel with 1,45%C and 0,5%Chr.
I have left as many marks of the forging as possible on the tombak handle to enhance the rustical character of this friction folder.
Dodo is the form of the blade, related to my Mini-Dodo blade shape, just bigger and with a brass ringed tail.