Posted on Nov 12, 2019 |

Bruyere is a folder I wanted to make because of the lock system that can be found on regional knives in France.
it can be secured in the opend and in the closed position too. The material of the swivel ring lock is tombak.
After being done with the structuring of the handle, i wanted to highlight a bit. The inserted beads are 24ct yellow gold.
folder with a twisting swivel lock. sanmai damascus blade with filesteel core. Bruyere is the handle material, structured and inlayed with gold beads. the lock is of tombak.
the blade is made as a sanmai construction with a springy jacket of damascus. The pattern recals of oil spilled on the water or bacon strips, or maybe watermelon skin.
The core is our good old german 1.2008 filesteel with 1,45%C and 0 ,5% Chr.
this construction allows for a thin edge going down to zero and a very fine point.
this folder is made for eating and not for fighting.