Black Tiger

Posted on Nov 8, 2016 |

black Tiger is a commissioned work by Alois T. The specifications were as high a carbon content for the damascus core as I can get, with an outer damascus skin that is springy and pretty to look at.
I have chosen 1.2008(1,4%C+0,5%Chr) combined to a special steel made for the occasion with the help of my friend Jokke Lagerspets: 130Ni8(1,3%C+2%Ni). I firewelded them and brought them to 145 layers.
The outer skin is made of 240 layers CK75 mixed with pure iron and 15N20, plus another one thin skin welded on top made of 750 layers of pure iron and 15n20. Scabbard and handle are made of black bog oak, brushed and oiled.