Markus Tuohi Kahva Tommi Puukko

Posted on Oct 12, 2014 |

I made this Tommi for Markus. I mostly sticked to the good old way to do it. But I took
1.2516(1,2%C with 1%Tungsten) instead of 1.2210(Silversteel) for the blade steel, and changed the point spine geometry.
I also have a different system for the leather strap from which the sheath is hanging on the belt. This is an old system with a leather button that originally comes from Gudbrandsdalen in Norway.
Everything else sticks as close to the rules as I can do.

the tommi Puukko is supposed to be as elegant in his sheath as out of it.

This particular spine geometry is inspired by the East-Karelian Puukko from the North region of Ladoga lake.

Before I begin with piling up the birchbark pieces I have to ensure that the fit between blade and bolster is tight and clean. No glue is used for a Tommi. Before I learned from Mikko Inkeroinen how to do it The traditionnal way, I used to solder this hair line with tin…

I am ready with piling up the birchbark, and pinning the tang on the pommel.
now comes the shaping.

The rough shaping is finished. Again instead of following the tradition, I give the grip a transversal egg shape. I like to know when the edge is without looking at my hand. The traditional transversal shape would be more elliptical.


Fitting the pommel is easier since the tang ends up in a pointed shape. Still you have to pin it correctly because this is where all the grip is holding together.
A real Tommi doesn´t evolve the use of glue, or epoxy.