Posted on Oct 28, 2013 |

  Hanjo wished a pouch for his beloved Dackel, and a pearl from the same material as the handles. I choose goatskin doubled with soft chamois inside and hand-stitched the seam after gluing the two layers. Then I dyed the goatskin to harmonize with the knife. I like the result, and most important Hanjo does like it too.

  • I made this knife on command for Lars 40th birthday.
    Specifications were high carbon damascus blade 7cm long and 9cm handle, no spring, no lock.
    I realized later that I liked this little knife because it reminds me of the way a Teckel walks, kind of hopping like there is something wrong with a hind leg.
    I make it also with plain carbon blade with 1,2% Carbon. (Øberg file steel from Sweden).
    It is very nice to have it in a purse or in a pocket, until you need it to cut something, or just to hold it in your hand.