Hattu Tuppi Puukko

Posted on Apr 28, 2013 |

I love this design. From time to time I have to make another one. The idea of a shesth that closes over the top of the puukko is very old indeed. I like it because it is difficult to make. I like it because it is not specific for man or woman.
It gives the puukko a pacific air, and underligns the preciousness of this little thing.

I choose to take this specific piece of amboina wood. It has been laying on my worktable in my workshop for the last 15 years. I couldn´t figure out what to do with it.
Some day I came out of the forge with this very special little blade. I had already
the idea to make a new hattu tuppi puukko (puukko with a sheath and a hat for it). So the rest is combining the crazy two faced curly amboina wood with bronze
plates and water buffalo horn. I topped the handle with a bushing/plate of tombak
to pin the blade tang over it. This is the strongest way to secure a blade in my opinion, and it gives to me an opportunity to shape something more.
The blade is 7cm long, max. 4mm thick, and 20mm broad.
The damascus is of my high carbon kind with average 1,2%C and 600 layers.
I left the back of the blade with the forging marks.
This little knife is a joy for me to look at and to hold in my hand.
Oh yes, and I had the feeling that I should decorate the sheath a little but that I should hold it back same time, not overdo it…