Posted on Feb 8, 2011 |

These are cooking knives I have forged one at a time for each customer, after anthropometric datas, each measured on request.

they are meant to work, cut, get used, do their duty, take patina over time and get even more pretty. each of them have their own beauty. However, only on time will they acquire this type of dignity that takes its roots into well done work and use.

In other words I don´t even pretend to try to finish them. I deliver them sharpened to the maximum I can do. Every customer is able to see and feel where the handwork has been done, and guess with what type of tool.

On time all marks tend to blur and get smooth from use because it is what these knives are made for. However, the more they get used the more they increase in beauty.

They grow in character, dignity and identity. This is not seldom that some customer grow fond of their knives and tend to identify themselves with their tool.

Then, and until then only, is my work achieved.