Posted on Aug 23, 2009 |

I designed and realised this dagger as a masterpiece to celebrate my 10 years as a full time custom knifemaker.
this is a composite damascus blade and mountings with intricate multiple blade geometry changing from hollow grind to convex to a reinforced point (cirah bonk) around a central fuller.
composite damascus because I used a core damascus of about 0,7%C with a double covering of soft springy damascus of about 0,4%C and a nickel Pamor as an accent on top right and left of the fuller. Same material for the fittings too. All hardened including the flat disc pommel. It is screwed together so I can disassemble for cleaning or adjust eventual shrinking of the wood. No gluing required. It is truely handforged and shaped with the use of files and scrapers that I had to make myself for the task. Big fun!
the most difficult part was like always the silver work on the sheath. this was real hard work for me.
I didn´t mark the blade.(I didn´t have the nerves. and I consider this a true weapon. I don´t mark weapons.

the complete thing inside the silver sheath is about 40cm long (1´,4´´).