Cài Dāo made for a customer in Berlin. The blade is 3 layers iron outside and SC145 inside for the core/cutting edge. It is a thin one with maximum 4,5 mm just at the handle, and the rest way thinner, about 2mm. 
Blade length :200mm Blade with max. 100mm. There is a lot of curve in the edge. This is not a choper or a cleaver!
The handle is a piece of thick walled bamboo that i have kept twenty years for exactly this purpose: becoming a Cài Dāo Handle... The wood for the front and end pieces is Bocote. I decided to work in the same shade of colors, and without metal parts. This is my second Cài Dāo ever. I do hope that it is not the last however... Who knows... © 2016 . All rights reserved.

Cài Dāo