Posted on Apr 1, 2020 |

Alexandre wished a cooking knife of a special kind.
After an intensive conversation about the different features the knife should have, we fixed every detail and fitted them to his anthropomorphic measurements.
the result is here.
I started the making with the pamor type named Udan Emas, which means gold rain.
After some preparations, I decided to alter the idea to make something unusual, something never seen before.
This view is for all the cooking knives lovers.
Notice that I never clean heels. I do smooth them, so no fingers get hurt while the knife is in use, but after heat treating the blade, I keep the heels the way they are.
These dots are 22kt yellow gold.
Sometimes a little eye catcher is needed to outbalance the presence of such a blade.
Deceptive simplicity, sober understated elegance, eye catching gold dots, more is not needed to create a heirloom class working tool of the upperst luxury class.
Because just pretty is never enough, I inserted a core wrought out of ultra high carbon steels and added some tungsten steel for added edge holding properties.
Yes, this is for cutting!
I also wanted the blade jacket to catch attention and puzzle the mind, yet leave enough room for the imagination.
If you see ice smelting, a lagoon border, an archipelago, rain drops, this is not by chance.