A Dagger for Paul

Posted on Nov 14, 2019 |

Paul asked me if I was game to make him a dagger. After some sketches and talks, we decided to make this one. It should have something special, business-like. I chose a very unique tungsten damascus with various tool steels added.
Comissionned and completed in 2019.
I like to make my daggers with an extra thick point zone. This point being no exception is about 8mm thick: almost 1/4″. For the hilt, I selected a unique piece of Makassar that I had carefully put aside already 20 years ago. It was begging to become a dagger hilt.
I have chosen an octogonal shape to underlay the strict weapon character of this dagger.
the pommel.
I have used springsteel. thick and heavy at first, I carved it to remove some bulk, and also to help fin tune the balance. I wanted it to remember of a hurricane seen from space… those spirals symbolize many things in many cultures. Among those meanings: chaos, while their eyes remain quiet, and peaceful. Anybody who has whitnessed the incredible destructive power of a hurricane, directly followed by the unreal calm of its Eye, and the renewed raging that follows will understand.
I left it raw on purpose after heat treatment…
The bronze bolt in the middle is holding the complete dagger tightly together, allowing a clean up from time to time. I have inserted marks and stamps for orientation inside the mountings. the blade is stamped on the tang.
Paul wanted a leather scabbard.
I have chosen orthopedic leather and lined it inside with wood.
It is sewn norwegian way on the back.
I have filed and patinated the guard to be a transition between the hilt and the blade.
It underwent also some tuning to ensure that the overall feeling of the dagger inside the hand should feel comfortable, precisely balanced, alive and puposeful.