Koralle with a Clair-obscur blade

Posted on Oct 27, 2019 |

Wonderful coral structure enclosed between two plates of silver.
The wood is left matt to recall a clarinette…
At 48mm breadth for just over 170mm it is a good medium sized thin blade for precise cutting,
even if the heel doesn´t determine the rest of the blade completely, there is a good idea of the geometry.
View of the heel, note the slightly assymetric profile. i never remove all the marks from the tools that I use.
Excellence doesn´t need to be perfect.
Ideally, the jacket material, which has only a third carbon from the core content, will merge into a single material when my work is ended.
When used and cared for however, the patina that developps on the blade surface will reveal on time the outer from the much harder inner part.
This blade is not made for a showcase, it is made to work in a kitchen.
Maybe in your kitchen? who knows…
The bog oak complements the handle in a quiet, yet refined way with its brushed surface that reveals the fibers of a 5000+years old tree. I like to split the log and leave as much as possible from the split surface still visible.
I sometimes dream about what this tree may have whitnessed before spending so long time in the Elbe river muddy ground…
Enlarged view of the heel edge point.
A view of the back of the blade shows best what is meant with thin. Please note the distal taper. Putting a springy jacket on the UHC damascus core allows me to Trespass the limit for thickness.
I have been thinking so many times about stopping to make this kind of cooking knife. It takes so much energy, time and dedication to make them. I have had so many disappointing experiences, while making them, even after I was ready.
Yet I can´t help myself. I always return to making them.
It doesn´t matter how hard I try, I can´t stop.
For the one who has been there, succeeded, failed again, came back and tried again.
This type of knife is, has always been, and will always be exceptional.
Why making them then?
Because I can.