Klaus new mediterranean friction folder

Posted on Sep 27, 2014 |


I have taken a sardinian mouflon horn saw a piece out of it, cook it press it down, let it cool, and cut out the sides for the grip out.
I had to keep a lot of the original surface because of the featured white strips on black underground.
Then i made the damascus blade with average Carbon content right over 1%C: 1,45%C File steel, 1.2842, ( O2) and 15N20 for the white spots and flakes.
But after heat treatment I had a nice surprise: this is one of my hardest blades for this year: it still scratches glass after tempering…about 64/66HRC hardness! This is High-Performance-Damascus at it best.
The rest it heat coloured mild steel to reinforce the handle, gold pins, and fine gold fused on silver bird´s eye bushings.
and of course a mouflon horn bead at the rear from a lashed string with a diamond knot.