Makassar dream

Posted on Feb 17, 2014 |


Makassar dream is a high-end hypereutektoide damascus kitchen knife.
I created it for Suzanne.
The grip is very old Makassar ebony I got from a friend near Marseille.
The surface is not polished, just finished with a cabinet scraper.
The wood pattern is fading because past time erased it.

you look here at about 500 layers of low carbon damascus(wide part left) covering a core(right)
of very high carbon damascus ( about 1,2%C). The slightly whiter zone is called carbon transition zone. Like in osmose phenomenon the zone with more carbon content gives up some carbon to the zone with less carbon content.
You can see it after etching, and more important you can feel it while wet grinding the blade. This transition zone is sometimes much harder than the rest of the blade.

the black areas in the edge damascus (right) are also patterned though less visible.