table knife

Posted on Sep 24, 2013 |

My customer wanted a table knife to take along with him.
We decided to take spring steel, and stained karelian curly birch to make it.
The knife should be thin, flexible, light, rugged, and yet sleek.
the sheath is out of cherry wood with a securing pin.
Cherry wood because it is strong enough for the purpose, and quiet to outbalance the very active curly birch…

blade width: 30mm
Blade length 170mm
semi integral
blade maximum thickness: 2,5mm minimum thickness: 0,15mm
the form is named alt Buckel, it flexes like old victorian table cutlery out of shear steel.

Here is a view of the blade back.
The rounded point is thin enough to flex completely flat to the surface of a bread loaf. The edge is curling up under sideways pressure, yet comes back as soon as the pressure stops.
Very thin but hard enough to cut food(about 56/58 HRC).