Posted on Aug 25, 2011 |

What is a puukko? why make puukko, if I am not suomi maker?

In my opinion, puukkot are the most elegant, effective all purpose knives. Being a knife user beside being knifemaker, I simply love their simplicity, effectivity in use, their elegant, timeless, non obstrusive lines. Puukko, especially Tommipuukko, tuohituppipuukko, and kokemäkipuukko are beautiful in style. I love the way they lie in my hands. I love the feeling, when I hold one, and turn it around. I always know where the edge is. This is good because these knives cut like there was nothing in front, and then cut, cut and …cut some more. It has to do with the steel type: it is mostly silversteel or 1.2210 as we call it in Germany. That means 1,2% C and a little bit Mn and Si for keeping the grain small but not so much so that you can harden it in water…( if you know how, and have the guts). but it cuts also because of the very clever practice  oriented cross section and distal geometry. this is where the simple lines, yes for some people quite deceptive overall appearance reveal their refinement, their exquisite, elegant effectivity: a nearly flat convexe edge going down to zero and up to the maximum thickness of 4,5mm and down again to the backspine of about 4 to 3mm or even less.

this is good for cutting wood, food, bread, fish and many things else. BUT it doesn´t make the blade to a crowbar or something you should abuse.

All in all, I love to make puukkot, even if I am not finnish because I love this type of knife.

(I guess that by now you had an idea already)

(puukkot is plural of puukko: 1puukko, 3puukkot)